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So, I'm doing a Pink Ribbon charity event. In this blog I want to take you along as to why, how and how long.

As many might be aware, October was breast cancer awareness month. So why am I doing a pink ribbon event in November you ask? Well, because first of all, for me it's not over. Don't worry, I'm not suffering from this horrible disease myself, but someone close to me is. Secondly, I've been wanting to do something, but honestly, October snuck up on me and flew by, so I've used that time with planning and trying out what I wanted to do. Resulting in having the event being in November. 

And I think that's just fine, too. As a nurse I have seen plenty of women battle and fight this illness, and that doesn't just stop after one month, it lasts months if not longer. Now my lovely sister in law is going through this and going through chemo and all the emotions that accompany this. So this has inspired me to come up with a keyring that's in colours inspired by Pink Ribbon.

This will be a limited edition keyring and is only available until November 18th. And of every keyring sold I will donate everything outside of material costs to Pink Ribbon. That will be €5,- donated out of the €7,50 per keyring. The donation will happen after the 18th so I can do it all in one go.

You can find the keyring that I designed here


I have thought for a while which charity I would use. If I would go for the general Dutch Cancer Society or Pink Ribbon or something entirely else. And after some research, I found that Pink Ribbon is now part of the Dutch Cancer Society. Within that they work specifically towards research and development in diagnosis, care, treatment and psychosocial aftercare around breast cancer, making this the charity I felt fits the best with what I want to do here. 

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